Muth Jar 16 oz. honey - wax sealed top

Muth Jar 16 oz. honey - wax sealed top


Muth Jar 16 oz. honey - wax sealed top

NC Certified beekeeper Karen has outdone herself with this newest batch of local honey. The old time Muth jars come with waxed sealed top to complete the look. 

Cultivated in, packaged in, and indigenous to, Wilmington, NC by Karen who is a NC Certified Master Beekeeper! Certified Master Beekeepers are held to a very high standard in honey cultivation. Nothing imitation going on here.
These bees are never fed fructose corn syrup, and
feed entirely off of local wild flora, for maximal benefits to the immune systems of local residents.

**WARNING do not give honey to children under 1 yr of age.

**Honey is Not recommended for diabetics


Muth Jars are a beautiful  design of the old fashioned square honey jars used by Charles Muth, one of the largest honey sellers in the 1800's.

Muth Honey Jars – Since square jars were listed in the Root catalog in 1879 and the name of the grocery store changed in 1883, the earliest muth jars were made between 1879 to 1883.

Not only will your product look beautiful, but you can enjoy using this keepsake bottle for a multitude of uses like flower vase, pancake syrups, bath container for bubble bath or salts!

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