Sage Harvest Habanero Beef Jerky -  4 oz. package

Sage Harvest Habanero Beef Jerky - 4 oz. package


PRODUCT DESCRIPTION- 4oz vacuum sealed package
Fresh slices of high quality beef, red crushed chili peppers, and a hint of tabasco sauce make the Habanero jerky a favorite for those with a spicy palate. This jerky is marinated with our classic teriyaki marinade and then given alittle kick with real crushed red chili flakes and hot sauce. Subtle sweetness paired with bold spiciness, makes this jerky an appetizing snack for anyone who likes a little heat.
Crushed Pepper Seasoning
Unique Sweetness followed by heat
Store Owner's Favorite!
No Preservatives, MSGs or Nitrites
Packaged Fresh and Shipped Immediately

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